Liliana Livneh

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she graduated from The National School of Fine Arts. B.A. in Philosophy and History of Art at Tel Aviv University and distinguished with the Dean Prize for original work in 1991. Granted a scholarship by the French government to study at Ecole de Beaux Arts, Paris. Creator of the Logo for the Shimon Peres Catedra for Peace at Anahuac University Mexico City, collaborated with Pignatelli Center for Peace in Zaragoza and numerous projects on the bases of Peace, Understanding and the Beauty of Diversity. The words of Herman Hesse are a motto in her life as a person and as an artist as well:

“ Water is stronger than rocks, love is stronger than violence”

Liliana Livneh conceives painting itself as a manifestation of the fragility and transience of human existence. The artist is renowned by her innovate interpretation of Caryatides, women-pillars from Ancient Greece whom she transformed in an expression that goes beyond mythology. Liliana uses her bare hands and finger prints instead of brushes to smear color, producing a tangible, tactile sensation , she includes writing and calligraphy which is sometimes illegible, precisely because of its intrinsic aesthetic value, creating an universe of suggestions, perceived by the beholder as an hermetic poetry in the process of being transparent. The Sea in her works is like a womb that keeps the secret of ancient cultures, creating a multicultural encounter and acting as the most natural and democratic museum gathering traces of lost civilizations and present questions on the fragility of human existence. Liliana Livneh expresses this multicultural encounter also in her Painted Poems where she sees herself as a reader saying with bare linen , delicate paper, oil, acrylic or even tar the deep emotion that poets like Jorge Luis Borges, Gonzalo Rojas, John Donne, Nicanor Parra, Natan Zach, Emily Dickinson, Idea Vilariño, Dragutin Tadijanovic, Dobrisa Cesaric, Constantin Kavafis, Ovidio, Octavio Paz convey.

Born and educated in Buenos Aires, Liliana brings from her atelier in Tel Aviv the experience of those artists that have more than one world. In her case is a cultural diversity with strong Latin American roots developed in one of the more complex scenarios in the contemporary world.

The Art Historian Dr. Yona Pinson says in one of Liliana Livneh’s catalogs “ It is the hand –print of its creator within the ephemeral, the seal of humanity in the on-going stream of time" the poet Gonzalo Rojas defines her as “Unique in her Light”.

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